Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lip Product Addict TAG

So finally my exams are finished, summer is coming and i'm back on the blogging scene.
 Recently I have decided I really want to make an effort with lip products and bringing out all the lipsticks this summer and there was no better way to do that than sort through my stash and do the Lip Product Addict TAG that I have seen floating round YouTube recently.

1. Favorite Balm/Treatment - Carmex -  cherry flavour

Now there was no question about this one for me. This has been a holy grail product for me for as long as i can remember and I always feel lost without it when its run out and i haven't repurchased a new one. I much prefer the flavour of the cherry one compared to the original one and this is the only thing I have found for this price that is easy to get hold of and repairs my dry lips instantly.

2. Best eye catching red - Collection Volume sensation Lipstick (08 Cherry Pop)

Personally, i am not a big red lipstick fan as i find it very hard to find the 'perfect red' that goes well with my whole complexion and gives my makeup that wow factor however out of the few reds that I own this is the only one i actually wear when I am feeling brave enough to bring it out of my makeup collection. This red is extremely easy to apply ( which is one of the things that normally puts me off wearing red) and is also very long lasting and fades evenly so you are not left with any of them lipstick lines after the colour has faded. It is also very glossy and does not dry out the lips at all however it is not shimmery which is something i like as i feel red always looks better either matte or with just a glossy finish and will make any makeup look 'red carpet' suitable. 

3. Best luxury and drugstore lip product 

Luxury - Benefit Cha Cha tint and Bene tint  

 So i could not just choose one shade for this answer however they are the same product so i think i can get away with this one! These are definately my go to summer lip product as you can achieve light colour on the lips ( as shown) or really build up the layers to give a bright stain to the lips. I also love to use these under another lipgloss to give it more colour and just on an everyday basis where i want my lip colour to last.

Drugstore - Rimmel London Apocalips ( 102 Nova) 

So this was easy for me to chose as this is one of my most worn lip colours and is suitable for all situations. It can be work bright and strong like shown in the photo or can be dabbed on with the fingers to give a light stain that lasts all day. This like the others fades of brilliantly into a light stain so there is no patchiness or lines where it has come off and lasted me a whole meal out without budging once it is dry. The other colours are also beautiful and i will definitely be [purchasing them at some point this summer until i have completed my collection. 
4. Best MAC lipstick - Amplified Vegas Volt 

So its fair to say that i haven't quite got a huge selection of MAC lipsticks just yet but it was pretty easy out of  the ones that i do have to choose my favorite one. This is the only coral lipstick i have found that goes on smooth is long lasting and fades brilliantly. I have found that a lot of the ones i have tried can be quick 'bitty' and are not a good formula however this one is the complete opposite. It is also very easy to apply which makes it great for a summer day when reapplying it throughout on the move. I also found that from comparing my lips with this lipstick compared to others it makes my lips look a lot bigger and plumper which is something i like the look of. 

5. The most disappointing - Topshop Lipstick in Nevada

So by saying i am disappointed with this product doesn't mean i dont like it, it's just that it did not meet the expectations that i had for it. Also i have nothing again topshop lipsticks as others i have tried are nothing like this one. First i feel that the colour comes off completely different when it is actially appliecd and it is not very pigmented as atll the doesnt really show up a great deal on my lips whcih may bee good for certain situations however for what i wanted it for it did not fullfill it's purpose. I also found it very drying and came off very qucikly and faded very patchy and left lines from where it had been applied and so this was definately a disappointment for me.

6. Liner - yes or no?

Overall, no i do not use a lip liner as i find it very hard to apply and just always ends up making my lips appear a weird shape which is definately due to not having enough practise at using it. One product i did want to mention though was the No7 Perfect lips pencil in 20 Nude as this is a good lip liner that is very soft and creamy so it makes it very easy to apply and matches most lipstick colours that i own so i do use this on occaisions where i need my lips to look sharp and a nice shape and have time to spend applying it.

7. Best Gloss - Clarins gloss appeal in shade 03 and 05

These lip glosses are definately my favourites, again i couldnt choose one but they are the same product so it counts as 1! They are the perfect formulation for me as they are not sticky at all and are very long lasting and can be worn on their own like shown or over another lip colour. One of my favourite combinations is to where shade 05 over Cha Cha tint or the MAC lipstick as the colours work very well together and adds a beutiful shine. I also think they make my lips very plump and i like the look of this a lot. You can also see from the tubes that they are much loved as you can hardly even read the writing on them! 

8. Something extra! - Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me 

So this was one product i could NOT leave out of the lip product TAG otherwise it wouldnt be complete! This colour is so good for day time and summer as it gives colour to your lips as well as moisturising them and is also very easy to apply as an on the go lip colour as it is just like a tinted lip balm. The colour can also be worn as a light stain or can really be built up and give off a lovely strong colour and as you can see from the photo is very close to the end and i will definately be repurchasing a new one soon!!! 

Let me know what your lip product choices would be for this tag or if you have done this tag yourself! 

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