Friday, 10 January 2014


So first of all I suppose I should say Hello and welcome to my blog!

I went to lush today and this is actually my first experience of LUSH products and I can already tell that LUSH products will now be a regular purchase of mine.

Golden Wonder - 50% off - £1.75
This was the first product that instantly caught my eye. I love christmas time and i thought that this would just make the christmas period last even longer when it comes to baths! This bath ballistic is vegan friendly and contains lots of exciting layers. It first appears yellow, and then blue, there are also bursts of pink and then out comes tiny gold stars. The end result is a tropical green bath with stars and glitter all around. MAGICAL is a word that comes to mind.

Secret Santa - £5.45

This is also one of my favorite christmas time scents and unfortunately it is only a christmas time special. This bath bomb fragrance takes in and captures the recognizable smell of a lush shop and leaves your bathroom smelling like lush for hours after which is simply wonderful. This bath bomb is again vegan friendly and is enough for two baths if you split it. There may even be a secret surprise inside!

This next product is a bit of a mystery one as i can find no traces of it anywhere on the internet and so unfortunately i have no clue about the name or price of this product. The next thing i found out when i used it is that it was not a bath bomb which is what i thought it was, but it actually just dissolved to give my bath and lovely pink tint and hundreds of bubbles. I also left the bath with baby soft skin and as this is the first one I have tried it has now made me very excited to try more. If anyone does know the name of this product then please let me know!

Big Blue - £3.25
This is by far the most relaxing bath bomb compared to the other ones and is the only one that is still available in LUSH stores. It is designed to evoke a summer's day and is filled with citrus, lavender and seaweed. One thing i did not like about this bath bomb is that I could not find a way to get the lavender and seaweed after my bath as they are solid pieces within the bath bomb that are released when it hits the water however it was worth it.

What are your favorite LUSH products and which ones shall I try out next?
Also, i hope you enjoyed my blog and leave a comment with any future posts you would like to see.


  1. Great Blog! I love LUSH and I love the lush twilight bath bomb, it changes colour as it fizzes :)
    Frances Loves

    1. Thank you, i have not heard of that one, i must try it!

  2. Hi, I'm one of Anna's reade's, I so your comment ...:)
    Great blog! and good luck!